Jackpot Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Is Jackpot a legit operation?
Yes, Jackpot Casino is a fully licensed and secured online and mobile casino. We hold a valid and legitimate online gaming license from the Curacao Gaming Authority, and we secure your transactions and data using the latest encryption software and protocols.
How do I withdraw money from my Jackpot Casino account?
To make a withdrawal from your Jackpot Casino account you need to first make the request and then fill in your bank details.

• Go to your Profile at the top right of the screen
• Click on the ‘+’ icon
• Select ‘Withdraw’
• Enter your bank details and the amount

Please note: Bonus Wallet balances are non-cashable, and you cannot withdraw money if you have not completed your bonus wagering requirements.
Where do I find bonuses/free spins?
The best place to find Jackpot Casino bonuses is to get signed up for notifications from Jackpot.co.za. This way you will get all the latest bonuses, free spins, promotions, and tournaments delivered straight to you along with the related bonus codes.

You can also check under the ‘Promotions’ tab. Just look at the bottom of the Jackpot home page and you’ll see the ‘Promotions’ link.

Coupon codes are sent via email or SMS.
How do I redeem bonuses/free spins at Jackpot.co.za?
Go to your Profile and click the ‘Redeem Coupon’ link under the menu options. Enter the coupon code and we will automatically allocate your eligible bonus or free spins. Coupon codes are sent to eligible players via email or SMS.

Please remember that bonuses and free spins come with wagering requirements and Ts & Cs.

Make sure you read and understand them before redeeming any coupon codes.

Account and Player Profile Questions

How do I create a Jackpot Casino account?
First you need to register with Jackpot.co.za, and then create your Player Account.

• Click the ‘JOIN’ button on the top right of your screen.
• Fill in the required details
• Click the ‘REGISTER’ button
• Confirm your contact details (usually an email verification)

Now you can sign in at any time from the ‘LOG IN’ button using your username and password.

Please note: while your registration will open a Jackpot.co.za casino account, you must deposit real money and/or redeem any bonuses before you can play for real.
What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
With so many different online accounts we deal with every day, it’s no surprise that we might forget a password or two – nut never fear, because Jackpot’s got you covered!

• Click on ‘LOG IN’ at the top right of your screen
• Just underneath the Username and Password prompts is a ‘Forgot password?’ link. Click that.
• Enter your email address
• We will send a password reset email so you can create a new password to get to your favourite online casino games
• Remember to check your spam and junk folders just in case

Technology doe sometimes throw us curveballs so, if you still can’t access your Jackpot account after resetting your password, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Or reach out to our Live Support team for help.
I cannot create a new account because an account has already been created from this device?
Players at Jackpot Casino may only have one account. Check our Terms and Conditions for advice on how many players can open Jackpot Casino accounts from any single device or IP address.

If you have forgotten your username or password details, click the ‘Forgot password’ link to reset your password rather than try open a new account.

If your details are already in our system and you have not put them there, please contact our Lice Support team urgently as this may constitute fraudulent activity.
Where do I find my Jackpot Casino account balance?
It’s always good playing practice to keep an eye on your budget and your balance. Checking your balance at Jackpot.co.za is really easy: just look at your account profile on the top right of the screen – your current balance is right there, next to the ‘+’ button.
How can I be sure my Jackpot Casino account is secure?
Jackpot takes security very seriously. We have top-tier security software and protocols in place but there are still some very important ways you, as a player, can ensure your safety.

• Never tell anyone your password. Jackpot Casino will NEVER ask you for your password!
• Never allow anyone else to play on your Jackpot.co.za account (not only is it risky, but it may also get your account suspended as per our Ts & Cs).
• Make sure you only access the Jackpot online or mobile casino from a secure and trusted Wi-Fi connection.
• Never choose ‘Auto-fill’ or save your password to your system or device – always enter it manually.
• Change your password regularly.

Password protection is the single most important way you can keep your account secure. It’s your responsibility to make sure you protect it.
How do I reopen my account?
If, for whatever reason, your Jackpot Casino account is closed and you would like to return to the home of awesome online casino games, all you need to do is connect with our Live Support team. They will submit and handle your request to reopen your Jackpot account.

Bonuses and Promotions Questions

Where can I find all the current Jackpot Casino bonuses and promotions?
Jackpot casino runs regular promotions and tournaments and offers some of the best bonuses around. Finding them is easy. For Jackpot players who have opted-in to notifications from Jackpot.co.za, all the latest bonuses and promos are sent via SMS or email. Players can choose to opt out of notifications if they do not want to receive them.

Or you can just scroll to the bottom of the website page and click on the ‘Promotions’ link to find all the latest incentives for South African players.
How do Jackpot bonuses work?
Jackpot Casino offers a wide range of bonuses for new and returning players from South Africa. These bonuses can be rewards for joining Jackpot.co.za, for playing regularly, for your first real money deposit, and much, much more.

Bonuses are redeemed using coupon codes that are entered into the ‘Redeem Coupon’ section of your account profile.

Remember, bonuses come with wagering requirements so make sure you read and understand these before you redeem them.
What is a Bonus Wallet?
Bonuses come with wagering requirements to stop fraudulent or money laundering activities. These wagering requirements mean you need to complete certain steps with your free spins or bonus money amount before you can withdraw any real cash. To make things easier, Jackpot Casino gives players two wallets: one is a wallet that shows their actual real money balance, and one is a wallet that show the amount the player has in bonus cash or in winnings earned from free spins or bonuses – the Bonus Wallet
What is the difference between Jackpot Casino bonuses and promotions?
While both can be ways for players at Jackpot to boost their bankroll or playing time, the biggest difference comes in the time period that these incentives are available.

Bonuses are rewards for doing certain actions on the website like registering, making your first real cash deposit, or using a certain banking channel. These bonuses are only available once per player. Bonuses can be an amount credited to your account or they can be free spins on selected slots games.

Promotions are ongoing and ever-changing rewards for regular players. These can include special bonuses on certain days (like CashBack or special deposit days) or can be linked to tournaments or specific game provider promos.
How do I redeem a bonus?
To redeem a bonus at Jackpot Casino you need to have a coupon code. These codes are sent to players via SMS or email. Once you have the coupon code, you just enter it in the ‘Redeem Coupon’ section of your account profile.

• Click on your account profile at the top right of the screen
• Click the ‘Redeem Coupon’ option in the menu that opens up
• Enter your coupon code and follow the prompts.
How does CashBack Happy Hour work?
CashBack Happy Hour is a daily promo from Jackpot Casino that allows players to get back some of the money they have lost during play. Any players who lose money between 6pm and 8pm are eligible to get a percentage paid back as a thank you for playing.

To qualify for CashBack Happy Hour:

• Your available balance needs to be under R100
• You must have no pending withdrawals on the system
• You must have deposited R1,000 or more in the previous week
• CashBack Happy Hour runs from 6pm – 8pm daily

Your CashBack percentage is based on how much you have lost during the qualifying times:

R1 – R5,000: 10% CashBack
R5,001 – R10,000: 15% CashBack
R10,001 – R25,000: 20% CashBack
R25,001 and up: 25% CashBack

Please note: CashBack allocations are automatically allocated at 10:00am the following day. Terms and Conditions apply and can be checked under our Terms and Conditions page.
How do free spins work?
Free spins are often given as part of a bonus or promotion from Jackpot. These free spins are free plays (i.e., spins that will not cost you any real money) on selected slots games.

Let’s say you get 50 free spins as part of a bonus or promotion. You can now spin the selected slot game or games 50 times without putting any of your own real money in. Remember though, any winnings from your free spins will be allocated to your Bonus Wallet and will not be eligible for withdrawal until you have completed any wagering requirements associated with the bonus or promotion.
Do bonuses expire?
Yes. Bonuses are limited time offers and usually expire within seven (7) days.

Deposit Questions

How do I deposit real money into my Jackpot Casino account?
At Jackpot.co.za we try to make getting to your favourite real money casino games as easy as possible. Which is why we encourage our players to use EFT or credit card when depositing money into their account. It makes life simple:

• Log in to your Jackpot Casino account
• Click on the ‘+’ icon next to your account profile on the top right of the screen
• Select ‘Deposit’
• Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your Jackpot Casino account
• Choose your banking method (Instant EFT or Credit Card)
• Click on ‘Deposit’.

Please note: Bitcoin is also a deposit method accepted by Jackpot.co.za. Players must have made at least one Instant EFT before they can choose Credit Card or Bitcoin as a deposit method.
What is the lowest minimum deposit amount at Jackpot?
The minimum real money amount a player can deposit is R100.
What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure is a verification and authentication system put in place by banks to keep your transactions safe. When you make a transaction, 3D Secure will redirect you to your bank’s web or mobile page where you will need to enter an OTP to verify that you are doing a transaction. If you do not enter the OTP, your transaction will be cancelled and flagged by the bank as possibly fraudulent.
How quickly will the deposit process take?
By focusing on Instant EFT, Credit Card, and Bitcoin as deposit methods, Jackpot.co.za is able to offer instant deposit times. As soon as you compete the transaction, the funds are available in your Jackpot Casino account.
Why is my deposit not reflecting in my Jackpot Casino account?
There are many reasons why a deposit is not reflecting an online account. The bank may have cancelled the transaction fearing fraudulent activity, the player may have made a mistake during the deposit process, the system may be experiencing technical difficulties, or any number of other complications. Thankfully, the Jackpot Casino Live Support team is always at hand to help you through any issues.

• Try refreshing the page. This may help if there is a bit of lag on the system. When contacting the Live Support team, you may need to provide the following details:
• Which deposit method did you use?
• When did you make the deposit?
• How much did you deposit?
• What bank are you with?
• Have the funds been withdrawn from your bank account? (You may be asked to provide a screenshot of the transaction/bank statement).
Where can I find my deposit history?
You can follow your deposit history at Jackpot.co.za quickly:

• Click on the ‘+’ icon next to your Jackpot Casino account profile on the top right of the page.
• Select ‘Deposit History’ to see a full breakdown of the deposits you’ve made with Jackpot.

Withdrawals Questions

How do I make a withdrawal from my Jackpot Casino account?
Withdrawing your winnings from your Jackpot Casino account is a simple transfer process – but you must make sure you have completed ALL wagering requirements and are in accordance with any Ts & Cs that you may have from bonuses, promotions, or tournaments. Bonus Wallets have non-cashable totals so you CANNOT withdraw money from a Bonus Wallet, it is there for playing purposes only.

To make a withdrawal request:

• Click on the ‘+’ icon next to your Jackpot Casino account profile on the top right of the page
• Select ‘Withdraw’
• Enter your withdrawal amount
• Enter your banking details
• Click ‘Withdraw’

Jackpot.co.za has a Same-Day Payout policy for South African players IF you submit your withdrawal request before 12h00 on a weekday.
What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can withdraw from Jackpot?
There are minimum and maximum withdrawal limits from your Jackpot Casino account. These amounts can change depending on your status with Jackpot (VIP players can get custom limits set, often larger than the normal limits). This is at the sole discretion of Jackpot.co.za.

In general:

• The minimum withdrawal amount is R250.00
• The maximum withdrawal amount is R25,000 per week.
How fast are withdrawals processed at Jackpot?
Jackpot Casino has a Same-Day Payout system (one of the few online and mobile casinos for South African players to do so!).

However, in order to take advantage of Same-Day Payouts, you must be aware of the following:

• Withdrawal request must be made before 12h00 on the day you want to be paid out.
• Same-Day Payouts can only be requested on weekdays (Mon – Fri).
• Same-Day Payout request made before 12h00 will reflect by 23h00 of that day (this does also depend on your bank and could be earlier).
• Withdrawal requests made after 12h00 will only be batch processed the next day.
• Withdrawal requests made on weekends (Sat & Sun) will only be batch processed on the following Monday.
• Note: withdrawal requests can be cancelled, and the player can resume playing and then request a new withdrawal as long as it is BEFORE the 12h00 cut-off time.
Can I withdraw from my Jackpot Casino Bonus Wallet?
No. The bonus balance in your Jackpot Casino Bonus Wallet is absolutely non-cashable. These bonus amounts are incentives and rewards for players to use to extend their play time and their bankroll while playing their favourite games or exploring new games. Any winnings from the bonus balance must comply with the specific wagering requirements of that bonus. Once the wagering requirements are met, any winnings will be converted to real money in the player’s real money Jackpot Casino account.

Game Questions

How many online casino games are available at Jackpot.co.za?
Jackpot Casino prides itself on offering one of the biggest varieties of online casino games for South African online players. At present, we have a portfolio of over 1,600 different casino games, including over 1,400 online slots games, 100’s of table games, a huge Live Casino lobby, and a selection of specialty games.
Who provides the games at Jackpot Casino?
We are proud to have partnerships with over 26 of the biggest names in the online and mobile casino world, including Betsoft, Blueprint, NoLimit City, Fugaso, Booming Games, BGaming, OneTouch, NetEnt, Oryx, Play’n GO, Playson, Spinomenal, and Wazdan.
Can I test the games on Jackpot.co.za?
Absolutely yes! We are all about the playing experience and offering quality online and mobile casino games and we are not afraid to show just how great our games are.

Apart from the various bonuses that give you an extra kick to the bankroll so you can try out new games, we offer a Demo mode for most of our games (Live Casino unfortunately not available in Demo mode). All you need to do is look for your favourite game in our slots or tables lobbies, click to launch, and choose either ‘Play’ to play for real money or ‘Demo’ to test the game for free. Be aware though that some game features may not be available in some games during Demo mode.
How do I find games at Jackpot Casino?
We have a number of easy to navigate functions at our casino to help you find games. If you know the name of the game you want to play, you can just type it into the search bar (the bar with the magnifying glass on the right of the screen).

If you want to explore all the options available at Jackpot.co.za, we have different lobbies under the main menu for All Games, Most Popular, Jackpot Games, Live Casino, Top Rated, Slot Games, New Games, Table Games, Game Providers, Recent Games, Favourites, Live Blackjack, and Live Roulette.

Technical Support Questions

What happens if I have technical issues with Jackpot.co.za?
Our Live Support team are always on standby to help you get through any issues. Just click the Live Support button to get one of our excellent reps on your case!

You can also have a look through some of the Quick Help tips below to see if your issue is one that other players have experienced.
What happens if a game freezes while I’m playing?
If your game freezes at any point – don’t panic. All games are hosted on servers, and they will return you to exactly where you were when you reopen the game. If there is a major problem (and there may be considering the international nature of online and mobile casinos) your round will be automatically completed on the server and your progress (win or loss) will be recorded and waiting for you the next time you open the game.
Why is my game running slow?
If you feel that your online casino game is running slow or feeling laggy, you may need to check the following:

• Make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed (we recommend Google Chrome).
• Check your internet speed by doing a speed test.
• Check all your internet/ethernet/wi-fi cables are well connected.
• Check that you don’t have too many browser windows or background apps open (they can drain your bandwidth and speed).
What do I do if my games won’t load?
You may have lost connection with the server. There are a few ways to try and fix this:

• Refresh your browser page.
• Shut down your browser and reopen it.
• Log out of Jackpot.co.za and log back in again.
• A unique challenge for South African online gamblers is the issue of loadshedding. Some ISPs may lose connectivity during loadshedding so check with your service provider.

If the problem persists, get in touch with our Live Support team and see if they can help you work through the issue.

Also, if you receive an error message while trying to play any of the online casino games on Jackpot.co.za, get in touch with our Live Support team.
How do I clear my cache and/or cookies?
Some technical issues can be resolved by clearing your browser cache and/or cookies. Each browser has different methods for doing so:

Google Chrome:

• Click Chrome menu on the browser toolbar (the three dots to the right of the search bar)
• Select ‘More tools’
• Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’
• Select ‘Cookies and other site data’
• Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’


• Choose Safari>Preferences
• Click on ‘Privacy’
• Select ‘Details’
• Select one or more websites that store data and click ‘Remove’ or ‘Remove All’
• Select ‘Done’

Mozilla Firefox:

• Choose ‘Tools’
• Select ‘Options’
• Select the Privacy tab
• Choose ‘Remove individual cookies’

Internet Explorer:

• Choose ‘Tools’
• Select ‘Internet Options’
• Select ‘General’
• Press delete to delete all cookies

iPhone iOS 8 and later:

• Launch ‘Settings’
• Scroll down and select ‘Safari’
• Tap on ‘Clear History’


• Press the ‘Menu’ key
• Select ‘More’
• Select ‘Settings’
• Select ‘Privacy Settings’
• Select ‘Clear All Cookie Data’
• Press ‘OK’
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